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After School Program  课后辅导班


Accountable and affordable program for kids age from 4 years and 9 month to 18.  Program includes,

  • Free Chinese class

  • Free English writing class

  • Free Math class

  • Free Homework tutoring

  • Low teacher student ratio


Homework tutoring    

Homework is the first priority to us and to all students. Our caring, loving teacher will make sure homework is finished, checked, and corrected at Creative Kids. Children who needs extra help on homework will get individual attention.


English Class           

English class is designed to enhance and improve students’ foundation in vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing. We will offer more challenging topics including but not limited to analogy, book reports, and charades.  


Common Core Math Enrichment 

Our math is fully correlated to the Common Core requirement. In our math class, students not only practice the basic math concept and calculation, but also help students build a solid mathematics foundation where they will demonstrate proficiency in higher-level thinking skills.Students practice math everyday and are encouraged to finish three to five math worksheets a week.


Chinese Class          

Learning Chinese is fun! Teaching Chinese is fun! Chinese class is offered every day for the best results. Incorporated with poems, tongue twisters, songs, dance, sign language, and games, our students enjoy learning in Chinese class.


Other enrichment Classes         

We also offer a variety of fun classes such as Drawing, Chess, Piano, Clay arts, Science. Professional educators come to our center to conduct the class, so you have more family time to spend during weekend!  


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Fremont Front

Dublin New Program


Home Work Club

6 - 7th grade 

Pick up from all Dublin & San Ramon middle schools

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